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I am blessed and honored to help so many people do the things they have to do and many of those things help people when they feel the most vulnerable.

Imagine you’ve been told you have cancer and have to go to your first Chemotherapy appointment.  You are stressed, confused, you feel victimized and the last thing you need are directions that are difficult to follow.  I was recently asked to help an engineer out with signage that was unclear and very difficult to follow and comprehend.  The other factor was the sign needed to be a bilingual sign.  I worked with my team and in less than 48 hours had a solution making everyone happy.  We helped eliminate the issues he needed eliminated.

When I show up at a customer’s place of business (retail location, school, hospital or non-profit) my eyes and ears open up.  The biggest question I ask is how can I be of the most help possible and take as much off of someone else’s plate as I can.  Often times it comes down to things I can fix without approval and without compensation.  One of my installers recently repaired a fire exit sign which had fallen off of a wall.  Even though VSG had nothing to do with the installation we knew this could cause a problem or even a liability issue.  We had the time so we repaired the sign.  When my installer told the building engineer what he’d done he learned that was on his list to be repaired.  Issue solved!

Our job is to help you do your job.  We are all in this together and every issue we solve Is an issue you don’t need to deal with.

We are the Visual Solution Group.  We help you create communication that gets your point across clearly and concisely.  Call us at 916-225-6931 or visit us at www.visualsolutiongroup.com  We get your point across!

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