Another Way We Serve The Community We Live In

Doris & Desiree

My bride Desiree and I along with about 600 of our closest friends recently attended and co-sponored the Sacramento Pacific Asian Chamber Of Commerce 25th Anniversary event at the Hyatt Regency.  This was a chance to get together as a community and celebrate the economic impact we have on the region we live in and support.

The event also took time to honor the Matsui Family and what they have done for our region over the past 25 years.  After Representative Bob Matsui unexpectedly passed away his wife Doris picked up where he left off and she did so without missing a beat.  Representative Matsui (pictured here with my beautiful wife Desiree) spoke about what Sacramento means to her family and even took the time to recognize some of the many dignitaries in the audience.  Mayor Steinberg introduced Representative Matsui because he has worked side-by-side with her family with both State Government and Sacramento City.

Visual Solution Group was a sponsor of the event and this came about from much of the work we have done with the Sac Asian Chamber.  We have worked with this chamber for the last decade and have been honored in the past as the “Business Of The Year” and as a Chamber Ambassador.  I have seen businesses grow and as a result job growth due to the effort of the Chamber and its members.  Whenever we get the chance to help the Chamber out we know it means another job is going to be created and more people prosper as a result.  Here’s to another 25 years!

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