Inattention To Detail


I was driving past a local fast food restaurant the other day when I saw these signs.  This restaurant just underwent an extensive remodel which involved closing for well over a month and the relocation of a Manager.  They were able to afford the revenue loss because the relocated Manager had built the business up to a great extent.

When they reopened they were dressed the part.  New crew, new uniforms for the crew, the place was spotless and in fact it was so clean and the new signs out front announced what many were waiting for a “Grand Opening.”  I think we’ve all seen the cloth banners that blow in the wind to attract attention and this place was lined with them.

Now a few weeks later and the signs have fallen into a state of something more than disrepair.  These signs are actual eyesores and no one at this place of business including the Manager have taken the time to notice.  When I see this being overlooked I wonder what else is being overlooked.  From what I can tell everything is running fine and yet I still ask.  When you see a sign being ignored, trash in the lobby or filthy restrooms do you wonder?  I know I do.  If you have something that needs to be taken care of, even if VSG didn’t install it call me so I can make it look right.

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