Stolen Letters


My daughter likes to cook. I like to eat. The other reality is I like to eat many of the things my doctor tells me I shouldn’t like to eat.  This is a great relationship on many levels with the exception of my doctors!

I recently asked my daughter to make me a cake and she was more than happy to do so.  I was extremely disappointed when I arrived home I found no cake… It turns out I really wanted cake.  When I asked why she explained we had no eggs and thus no cake.  I wanted her to improvise and go another route.  She was able to find an egg like product in the ice box and used that.  The result was not a good one.  The best description I have for this result is at best incomplete.

This sign was completed with an egg like product.  The best grade I can give it is an incomplete although the person who figured out which letters to substitute gets an “A” for effort. A better solution for this could be an electronic digital sign.  No one loses the letters and you can change the display on a week to week or even hour to hour basis.  The cost is very reasonable and at the end of the day the lack of finger pointing in regards to who lost the letters could be worth the investment all by itself.  Give us a call.

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