No Power Source… No Problem!

solar sign

VSG was recently presented with an interesting problem and we arrived at a very 2018 solution.  What would you do if you needed a lighted sign and didn’t have a readily available power supply?

Problem: After more than one expansion one of the facilities we help needed some lighted signs in a remote parking lot.  This is not an unusual request.  After we met with the engineer we thought we had our work cut out for us.  They needed a couple of signs with exact measurements.  The two options being considered were running power to the area or look at the potential for a solar option.

Solution: These days when you say solar people think about the expensive panels people have on their roof that quit functioning in the shade or at night.  Not functioning at night or in the shade wasn’t going to work for a 24 hour parking lot so we found a solar sign with battery back-up.  The sign functions 24 hours a day and the charge the battery gets during the day is more than enough to charge the internal batteries and power the sign all night long and on overcast days.  VSG was able to install and program the sigh and we will maintain it as well!

We enjoy being presented with unique challenges and answering those with unique and affordable solutions.

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