When Does Too Much Mean Not Enough?


At times people try to do too much then instead of getting something great done they aren’t able to accomplish anything at all.  This beach sign attempts a lot and I suspect gets little done aside from confusion and even a little upset.

When time permits I love going to the beach and so does my family.  The reason and goal I have for going to the beach comes down to having as much fun as possible.  I will submit that most of us feel the same way about the beach… no one I know goes there to have a horrible time.  What happens when you finally get to the beach and you’re met with a sign telling you about the 12 to 14 things you can’t do, even though most don’t apply to you?   How would you react?  Signs convey meaning… even if they don’t apply 100% to you they still bring intent with them.

This sign tells you no alcohol, no diving, no motor vehicles, no boats, no fires, no glass and the list goes on and on.  Unless you learned to skill of shorthand or have a photographic memory there is little chance you will remember everything on this list and you may develop a stubborn streak and see how many you can violate on your way to having your definition of a good time.  I will admit they lost me when they showed a picture of someone on the beach wearing a suit and tie with the caption “No Vendors”… seriously… What beach vendor wears a tie?

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