Short, Sweet & To The Point!

I was walking to meet a client recently and saw this sign. By this point in time it’s pretty clear Google is tracking our every movement and this sign has gone one step better.  They are telling us where they want us to be and where we are once we arrive.  Let’s look a little deeper.

The location of any business is critical and this owner decided to make his location his business name. His name is “T&11” and his location is T & 11th.  So easy a gecko can figure it out.  Let’s move to what can be found inside.  You can rent videos and buy gifts and they’ve included drawings of each of these.  Since the sign itself limits what someone would expect to find they have the chance to deal with only buyers and not lookie lou’s.  Someone looking for products not on the sign are wasting everyone’s time.  The last and possibly most important piece of information on this sign is who they serve (The sign is in English) and who else they serve which is those people who speak and read the language between their business name and what they sell.  Pretty clear to anyone walking by.

I appreciate signs like this for their simplicity and how easily they communicate what they want you to know. The statements “come with me” or “follow me” are short, sweet and to the point and they tell you most of what you need to know.  Not all signs can be this short and this clear but I celebrate them when it’s possible.  Think “Enter”, “Exit”, “Open” & “Closed” for their simple communication.

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