In Elk Grove “Herd Is The Word”

At Visual Solutions Group we love sharing things that give back to the community and have the side benefit of making where we live seem just a little more community oriented.  We recently installed this banner on the building front of the Law Office ofGuenard & Bozarth.   This is the oldest personal injury law firm in Elk Grove and they are huge supporters of the students of Elk Grove.

Student athletes have told the attorneys there how much they appreciate the support of fans and the sponsors of their efforts.  This business and many others also pay for banners on the sidelines during games with the proceeds going to the Quarterback Club and eventually flowing through to the students.  Some of this money helps to pay for the cost of uniforms and many of the required items the players need.

The attorneys from this law firm and many of the business owners with sideline banners played sports in high school and college and they know what being involved with sports has meant throughout their academic and business pursuits.  The coaches make certain their athletes understand the contribution signs like this make and have the students acknowledge those efforts.  This helps to teach appreciation and the idea of paying it forward.  No one in this office has a student attending Elk Grove and they have the sign and banner simply because it’s the right thing to do for the students and the community.  It’s an honor every time we install a new banner.

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