Is Common Sense All That Common?

Common sense is getting less and less common so the existence of a sign warning you to keep your arms and hands away from an incoming train explains a lot.  One of the first things I know is this was an issue for someone who didn’t keep either their arms, hands or both away from an incoming train.  The follow up question is did the train hit someone and if so how hard?  Was there a lawsuit?  Can further injuries realistically be prevented?  Signs alerting you to potential hazards save injuries, lives and even embarrassment.  When someone is standing on a train platform the reality is a train will eventually arrive and in many cases this lowers your awareness even though the natural reaction would be heightened awareness.  Those who placed the sign know you are likely to be more concerned when the train will arrive and the hazard of the train may take a back seat.

There is a complex matrix of laws that surround the placement of signs including why they are placed where they are placed.  Imagine you have sight issues and rely on Braille to find your way around.  This includes the ability to find and enter the proper doorway.  Wouldn’t it be helpful to understand where the information on that door will be located every time you need to know?  It turns out there is and this is why our installers attend educational classes.  This education isn’t something you see and no degrees are granted.  If you have vision issues the world can be an intimidating place and having something located in a spot where you can commonly find it is life changing.  We think that’s just common sense!

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