A Contradiction In Terms On Display

There are times in life when we encounter something so clear its easy to miss.  Some people use the phrase “You can’t see the forest for the trees” which means the trees are in the way.  In this week’s example someone took the time to create and post a sign to alert others that no sign should be posted there.  This is like passing a police officer on the freeway while speeding and talking on your phone which makes no sense at all!

This sign almost begs someone to post a sign if for no other reason than someone else did.  There’s no authority on this sign so no real reason to respect what it says.  Had they taken the time to state who controlled the space and who was forbidding the posting of a sign it might go a long way to getting others to comply.  Since they were making a sign why not get it done right the first time?

Signs in schools or health care facilities have an even higher standard to serve.  Signs need to be as concise as reasonable while explaining what they need to explain.    Explaining everything there is to explain on one sign is seldom an attainable goal.  The “Post No Signs” should have explained who made the demand and left it at that.  Anything else isn’t necessary or helpful information and may lead to confusion.

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