Clearly Understood Or Intentionally Mis-Understood?

Imagine you are driving your Green automobile and you’re in desperate need of a parking spot.  Thank goodness you’re not handicapped and if you were you would have had a space 10 minutes ago.  You happen on this sign… “Reserved For Green Vehicles” and all of a sudden you remember your automobile is green.  Perfect!  Problem solved!

Even the most complete and clear sign can cause confusion in the wrong (or right) hands and this is a clear example.  The space is reserved for green vehicles and even though the sign maker and property owner meant something different it wasn’t made abundantly clear.  When Tesla decided to create charging stations they were very clear and made them Tesla Electric Vehicle Parking.  Zero confusion and from what I have been told almost 100% compliance from other drivers.

Sign confusion can be very expensive, time consuming and can be eliminated with effort.  The nice folks at Tesla could have easily created a sign saying Electric Vehicle Parking only and that would have included every other electric car driven and that wasn’t their goal.  Tesla went a step further and this is where the magic lies.  Having a sign that includes their logo makes it seem almost like Tesla owns the parking spots and parking there is a privilege.  If you’ve ever looked at where Tesla’s are parked and seen a row of them it certainly appears there is safety and some lack of confusion in numbers.  Wherever possible be as complete and specific as possible.

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