Why Specific Specifics Matter

I saw this when I was helping a client in San Francisco.  While I’m not a huge fan of big cities I am a huge fan of San Francisco.  This sign is just one of the reasons why.  This sign is so specific it virtually eliminates guesswork and second guessing.

You can only smoke at the curb and if there is no curb you must be at least 15 feet from exits, entrances (sometimes these are the same so this eliminates arguments and alternative definitions) and you cannot smoke within 15 feet of operable windows and vents.  About the only thing this sign doesn’t explain is what an operable window is, how to identify a vent and what the penalty is if you get caught.  The clarity is amazing and from a sign makers point of view this is what we strive to create.

Contrast this with a “No Parking” sign randomly placed without any parameters.  How far away from this “No Parking” sign can I park?  Are there other restrictions I must observe?  Who came up with this “No Parking” rule, who is going to enforce the rule and what’s the penalty if I ignore the rule?  Most of these questions are easily answered in minimal space and giving answers to these questions might actually increase or decrease compliance.  If the penalty for parking is a $10 fine someone may not care on the other hand if the penalty is having your car towed it’s more likely to be obeyed.  Specifics matter!

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