Get Used To Ever Increasing Signage Confusion

We were recently asked about a growing trend causing hospitals, colleges and even cities severe issues.  Many of these issues have far reaching liabilities attached to them and when they say “we need signs” they mean in the next day or two.  The issue revolves around what are called “e-scooters.”

The “e-scooter” craze is an offspring from Lyft and UBER and they have cute names like Bird, MoBike and Jump.  These are electric scooters you can rent with your cell phone by the minute to get you from point to point.  Thus far there are few actual laws regulating these and many of those who use e-scooters have taken few laws to mean anything goes.  People are renting these scooters and riding on the street, sidewalk, shopping centers and even in traffic.  There is no training required and if you’re an adult you aren’t even required to wear a helmet… keep in mind many of these scooters can go as fast as 35 mph!

We’ve had calls from clients asking what signs we have to handle this and how soon we can create and install a sign.  Since each application is different and each set of rules unique we don’t have an off the shelf solution.  The rules are specific for a hospital, college, high school and an area where there are a lot of pedestrians who fear an almost silent machine coming up on them with minimal to no notice.  This reminds us of the time a few years back when we had less than a week to design, fabricate and install over 200 “No Smoking” signs in six business days.  Someone had a problem, needed a solution, called VSG… Handled!

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