Some Assembly Was Required

Sometimes we are asked to do things not completely related to signs and completely related to helping just get something done.   Recently at Kaiser South they had something they needed done, no one available to do it so they asked us.

Kaiser needed Bollards installed and they didn’t have the manpower to get the job accomplished in the time frame required.  Bollards are objects (shown here) that protect pedestrians from passing vehicles and in a health care setting they assume an even greater role than simply protecting property.  Kaiser had another company place the internal structure in place and they purchased the actual piece to be installed shown here.  This is where the idea of “Some assembly Required” must have come from!

A Bollard is defined as something designed to divert traffic from an area or road and these fit the bill.  These weigh just over 600 pounds and a forklift, two people and a ton of patience was required.  Kaiser had the guide post placed in front of the entrance they wanted protected and once the was dry Jake and I did our part.

This was important to Kaiser for the simple reason they wanted to protect their patients from passing cars.  There are a lot of people who come and go every day and anytime you mix a large number of pedestrians and moving cars the potential for problems is there.  When you add the distraction of a cell phone with the driver of a car and a cell phone with a pedestrian the mix can turn deadly.

Kaiser made the completion of the task top priority and we were able to assemble this for them.  The final result was excellent and even though this wasn’t a sign these act as a visual reminder to beware.

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