Sign And Information Overload

We’ve all heard you can get too much of a good thing.  I have proof!  I’m a lover of signs for many reasons and not the least of which is their ability to define what behavior is acceptable and what behavior is off limits.  Much of this comes down to making things more understandable in terms like enter, closed, no parking and no trespassing.  What does it look like when signs run amok?

Imagine you’re entering a parking lot and out of the corner of your eye you spot this collection of signs.  You now have a few choices;

  1. Stop and read each individual sign and comply.
  2. Park then return and read each individual sign and comply.
  3. Quickly glance at this group of signs and see if one sticks out.
  4. See the signs, ignore them due to the number and park.

What would you do?

When faced with the sheer number of signs, the deteriorated quality of the signs and where they are placed my bet would be that most simply ignore them, park and continue with their day.  I will admit my choice was #4.  There are evidently a lot of rules that go along with parking here.  The number of signs posted provide and demand more reading than I care to do in order to just park.  Like you, I have other things to get done than to stop and read several very low quality signs and make sure I’m in compliance with what’s expected.  This should be condensed into a single sign and posted somewhere other than an entry where stopping to read a sign could cause an accident.  Simplify wherever possible for a better result.

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