If You Have A Child This Is Exceptional!

Many of us with children do whatever possible to encourage our children to become involved in some form of extra-curricular activity.  For some children it’s dance, playing an instrument or scouting and for many other children it comes down to being involved in a team sport.  Something like soccer, baseball, softball or football to name a few.

One of the purposes of sports is to teach how to win and lose with grace.  Often times it’s harder to learn to win with grace than it is to learn to lose with grace.  We’ve all been exposed to a child who isn’t coachable, won’t listen to anyone and at the end of the game or season was just impossible to get along with.  Most of us blame the child and ignore where the child learned the behavior.

I saw this sign at a baseball diamond recently and I found it to be a great subliminal representation of what we all either want or say we want.  The child may not be well equipped for a promising future playing for the Giants or the Dodgers and that’s not really anyone’s fault.  No one blames the child or the parent.  However when I see the child I referenced above I do look at the parent and wonder what happened.  Parenting is extremely hard work and its very important work.  Raising a child who will lead, will accept criticism and learn from mistakes is something to aspire to in my opinion.  This sign was one of the best examples of that goal I’ve ever seen.  This is a sign that made me stop what I was doing and consider how I’ve done as a parent.  It turns out I did a pretty good job!

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