Stop And Consider The Message…

There was an incident over the weekend where someone wanted to take a selfie with a caged Jaguar.  This was a black Jaguar and not the car kind… The wild animal kind.

There were signs and warnings and gates and fences and none of them worked to prevent entry.  This person made a decision and was able to ignore each of the posted signs and get around each barrier and get back to where the animal was residing and then took the selfie.  The animal had other ideas and reacted as you would expect a predator to react.  When this person got close enough to the fence the animal was able to grab their jacket and get a claw on them.  The result was minimally damaging to the person… they were injured and they survived.  None of the signs or physical barriers were able to prevent a highly motivated person from entering anyway.  The fact is the signs and barriers work for almost everyone else.

This true story tells us we need to communicate in different ways for different needs.  The sign I have listed here might work for docile animals and wouldn’t be the best choice for Jaguars or any of the other aggressive and dangerous animals.  Knowing that you would communicate in a different manner.  The Federal Government uses a physical color coded system to convey a threat and areas where there are X-Rays present use a different system.  The method of explaining danger has to fit the danger.  Signs and intent matters.

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