Things Better Left Unsaid Sometimes Needs To Be Said…

As youngsters we learned every action had a potential opposite reaction.  Personally I taught my daughters to consider the impact of their actions on others.  This applies to many areas of life.  Things like hold doors open for people, don’t litter, look your best at all times and don’t dispose of things in a careless manner.

One of the basic areas of this comes down to where some of us throw trash.  When I go to athletic events I often see beer cups thrown into urinals.  Who could possibly think this is either a good or even appropriate place to throw trash?  Someone has to remove that from the urinal and dispose of it properly.  Was the person who threw it there actually taught that a urinal was the proper place to throw this away?  Other than the fact someone has to remove this and throw it away what are the other potential impacts of this behavior?

I asked an Engineer about the impact of small pieces of trash in a urinal they explained when small bits of trash collect in filters and enough debris collects in one of these filters a spill is the result.  If the debris gets past the filter there is potential damage to the plumbing system and that results in increased labor, material, down time and costs for everyone.  The down time resulting from this results in a closed restroom and this impacts us all… Especially the elderly and infirmed.  At the end of the day the sign is asking that we all consider the other person and act accordingly.  Simple message and a great result!

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