When Even The Best Sign Won’t Matter

There are times when someone can create the perfect sign with the perfect message and somehow it can still fall short of the intended message. We’ve seen more than one hand made sign placed in a position to warn someone about something critical (like an evacuation route) and in an emergency the likelihood of actually seeing the sign is minimal. Then we have this one…

When you initially look at the sign it looks perfect. You have a visual warning to “Give Cyclists Space.” In case you didn’t know there is a 3 foot law on the vehicle code mandating that separation in California (section 21750 CVC). So far so good! Going just a little deeper we see the sign was proactively placed in the middle of the designated bike lane and that placement required a bike rider to swerve into traffic due to a lack of space! Do you suppose that was intentional? We don’t.

We create and install a lot of signage for hospitals and schools. We know both the laws and we understand the ramifications of our actions. We know if a sign won’t get the job done to not install it and work with whoever is in charge to resolve it. The sign above has only one job and we label this as an epic failure. If a bike rider is forced to swerve into the traffic lane and is involved in an accident you wonder who is at fault. This could have been done in a different manner and that alone could solve the collision question and potentially answer many other questions no one wants to ask.

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